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Bringing light to your world, one wire at a time.

Firstly, Shepherd Electrical is a small yet dependable electrical contractor. We offer services for homes, businesses, and industrial areas. Having a team of skilled commercial electricians near me (you), we offer expert solutions. These solutions include service calls, problem-solving, and building projects.

Next, our services range from fixing electrical issues to installations and upgrades. Also, we ensure your systems meet current electrical rules. We put our customers first and aim to keep them happy. How do we do this? By keeping open lines of communication and being professional in our approach.

Finally, trust us, Shepherd Electrical, for quick and customized electrical solutions. These solutions fit your specific needs perfectly. So, reach out to us today for all your electrical needs.

-Commercial Electricians Near Me

Commercial Electricians Near Me

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our commercial electricians, near me, are the top of their field. We get the job done, right, the first time.

Quick Response

Reach out to us today. We will get your electrical issues resolved with a sense of urgency. We know what it's like to be without power, and we are here to help. Call today.

Commercial Electrician Near Me

Commercial Electricians Near Me

Power up your life with our commercial electrician services!

From shocking troubleshooting skills to bright ideas for new construction projects, we’ve got you covered. Don’t stay in the dark – let us light up your world with our reliable and electrifying services!

Commercial Electricians Near Me

New Builds Electrical Construction

Starting from square one, we at Shepherd Electrical excel in electrical solutions. As your commercial electrician near me, we handle new commercial projects. Safety and smooth operation are our initial focus. Next, we adapt these systems to your specific needs. This ensures you get exactly what you need from us.

Our Customers are #1!!

Industrial Electrical Installations

We at are skilled in industrial settings too. We excel at electrical installations for various facilities. This includes factories, warehouses, and other industrial buildings. We provide electrical systems that are strong and reliable. These systems support your day-to-day operations efficiently. Trust us, to power your industrial facilities effectively.

Renovations & Rewiring

Whether you're modernizing a current place or redoing an old property, we can help. Our experienced commercial electricians handle all renovation sizes. We ensure your electrical systems meet current rules and modern standards.

Commercial Electricians Near Me

Lighting Design & Installation

Light up your place with our tailored lighting solutions. Our expert commercial electricians near me offer professional lighting designs. We also do precise installations. This can improve your space's mood, usefulness, and energy-saving features. This applies to both your home and commercial area. Trust Shepherd Electrical to brighten your spaces.

Project Management

Let us handle the complex parts of your electrical projects. We manage every detail with efficiency. Our electricians oversee planning, coordination, and execution. This ensures a smooth, successful project outcome.

Our Customers are #1!!

Vehicle Charging

Keep moving with our electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions. We offer expert installation services for EV charging stations. This allows easy charging of your electric vehicle. You can do this at home or your place of business. With Shepherd Electrical, stay powered on the go.

Powering progress together - Electrifying your world with Commercial Electricians Near Me.

Electricians you can trust.  People you can count on.  Circuits you can turn on.  We’re here to help.

Our Team - Commercial Electricians Near Me

Circuit by circuit, we keep your world moving

Our team is experienced and ready to tackle any electrical issue you have.  Feel free to put your wiring mess and burned up circuits on our shoulders.

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Walter Shepherd

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