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Of course, we are licensed with the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board.  Lic # OK-127758

DBA: Shepherd Electrical

LLC: Shepherd Electrical Construction, Co.

Founder/CEO: Walter Shepherd

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Bringing Positivity through Electricians Near Me

Being your trusted “electrician near me”, Shepherd Electrical goes beyond just offering reliable electrical services. In fact, we’re an integral part of our local community, working hard to inspire and bring about positive growth. We believe that our work, which involves ensuring electrical safety and reliability, helps make our community a better place to live. Moreover, we’re always eager to set a good example, promoting sustainable habits and safety awareness.

Fostering Community Interaction

Moving onto community engagement, our role as your local “electrician near me” doesn’t stop with fixing electrical problems. At Shepherd Electrical, we’re also committed to giving our neighbors the tools they need to make wise decisions about their electricity. We do this by running fun, easy-to-understand workshops on saving energy and staying safe around electricity. We feel these events are important for helping our community members be proactive, informed citizens. Furthermore, these gatherings help us get to know each other better, creating a closer, friendlier community.

Encouraging Positive Change

To wrap up, Shepherd Electrical, as your go-to “electrician near me”, is devoted to serving you and uplifting our community. All our actions, from professional electrical work to advocating for safety and green living, aim to make a difference. Our goal is to inspire our community to work together towards a safer, greener future. In the end, we’re not just your local electricians—we’re your neighbors, committed to making our community shine, one lightbulb at a time.

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